In the interest of safety and to make training more efficient it is CRITICAL all pilots arrive at their mini-clinics with a shared knowledge of fundamental CtO procedures.
Pilots new to CtO or who have not participated since the 2017 arrival MUST watch all five CtO Fundamentals videos in the CtO Training Presentations YouTube channel found available in the submenus under Documents/CtO Training Resources/Presentatons 1-5 or available online at CtO Training Presentations YouTube™ channel found here.

Pilots who have participated since the 2017 arrival MUST either watch all five videos and/or review all five presentations either as PowerPoint presentations or PDFs of the PowerPoints, available in the submenus under Documents/CtO Training Resources/Presentations 1-5.(Note that each of the five pages has all three items, the YouTube Video, PowerPoint Presentation, and PDF for the particular subject). Please note the narrative from the videos is available in the “notes” section of each slide and is included in the PDFs. The PowerPoint Presentations and PDFs are also available here. 

All pilots are highly encouraged to bring a copy of all five presentations (as PowerPoint or PDF) to their mini-clinic as a resource.

Pilots must be able to attest to their completion of the above requirement prior to attending their first mini-clinic. 

Pilots who have served as Element Leads or Mini-Clinic Flight Leads in the past or who have been identified as potential Element or Mini-Clinic Flight Leads by CtO Leadership must watch the Lead Training video in the above YouTube channel prior to attending their next mini-clinic. Slides and PDFs of this presentation are also available under the Training Resources link.

ALL pilots will view the CtO Arrival Safety Briefings prior to arrival at KCWA (Central Wisconsin). Videos of the presentation will be available on the above YouTube channel and copies of the slides will be available under the Training Resources link by July 1.