Mass Arrival on July 24, 2021

Registration Begins January 1, 2021

Cherokees to Oshkosh

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A Big Move for CtO in 2021

When this CtO family first gathered in 2010, Waupaca, Wisconsin became the home for our reunions each summer. Everyone looked forward to seeing “family” from around the country and enjoying the hospitality of those family members who live all year in Waupaca - at the airport, hotel, Ale House, and elsewhere.

Over the years our family has grown in numbers and Waupaca has grown in popularity with other vacationers. After extensive discussions, the CtO Board has decided a move to another site was needed to support our growing family. After considering flight operations, lodging, transportation, and other factors, the board opted to relocate our “home” to Central Wisconsin Airport, KCWA, beginning in 2021.

Waupaca has been a wonderful “home” and will always be remembered fondly by our CtO family. In fact, it will be sincerely missed. We look forward to continued growth and friendship at KCWA.

60 on 61

Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Piper Cherokee (One Year Late) with 60 Cherokees in the Mass Arrival.

Cherokees going to Oshkosh

N4389T N26167 N130BW N1194N N2093M N6222J N529PE N3539W N2281Q N284HP N28338 N24AU N5126W N92307 N75332 N7144W N1686J N616FL N2927M N9234K N936BW N9397W N181KC N326RQ N2918D N626RN N6071H N132GT N161DE N36601 N79HK N32761 N4373T N38373 N9594W

Countdown to Oshkosh

Growing Our Family
One Aviator At A Time

As a newly minted pilot, when I first heard about CtO my initial reaction when I read the minimum requirements, was to say "see you in five years." Actually, I did say something similar, and decided to back out. At that point I received a number of emails encouraging me to join the group ensuring me that safety was the number one priority, and no one would let me get into trouble. It was suggested that I try a clinic and reserve judgment until then. I heeded the advice and headed for KJEF. I want to thank you all for making me feel welcome, for providing exceptional training, and for bringing me into your family.

Mitch Kahn
Cherokees to Oshkosh Mass Arrival

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