CtO Mass Arrival Schedule

(dates and times may vary, based on weather)

Staging Location: Central Wisconsin Airport (KCWA), Wausau, WI
All pilots MUST arrive at KCWA on or before Thursday, July 22, 2021

Thursday, July 21
08:30 Bus Service to Airport begins
10:00 Non-Mandatory Training Flights
17:00 Bus Service to hotel

Friday, July 22
08:30 Bus Service to Airport begins
11:30 “All hands” MANDATORY Training Flights
17:30 Bus Service to Hotel
18:30 Buffet Dinner and Awards Presentations - T.B.D.

Saturday, July 23
06:30 Bus Service to Airport begins
07:30 MANDATORY SAFETY BRIEFING!! This is what we all have been working towards!!
9:00 (est.) Depart KCWA
10:00 Touchdown at KOSH for Cherokee Flight. MANDATORY Debrief by our planes in the “North 40” IMMEDIATELY after arrival
17:00 Arrival Dinner - location T.B.D.

NOTE: Pilots may depart any time after the MANDATORY debrief. Most pilots camp in the North 40; some immediately fly elsewhere to stay in hotels or other lodgings.


CtO Mini-Clinic Schedule

Mini-clinics are held in the early part of each year. Attending at least one during this time is MANDATORY, including for returning CtO pilots. Clinics typically run from Friday evening until mid-day Sunday, with most essential activities happening all day Saturday. Although full participation for the entire event is always best, it is MANDATORY pilots be present at the start of the briefing Saturday morning and fully participate until they are sufficiently qualified for the arrival – typically by mid-day Sunday.

Mini-clinics are a substantial investment in time, Avgas, and energy for trainees and safety pilots alike. Our training is resource-intensive and requires right-seat safety pilots and experienced Lead pilots for the first several flights of all pilots new to CtO. Because of this we require pilots new to CtO be registered for the Mass Arrival in order to participate in them. It is ESSENTIAL people arrive on time and ready to optimize the limited flying time available. To participate, ALL pilots, including returning CtO participants, must:

  • Complete and upload all required registration documents, including a pilot’s license, a copy of current Aircraft Liability Insurance, current Medical/Basic Med Certificate, and sign (online) the liability waiver
  • Complete ALL online training found under Documents/CtO Training Resources BEFORE ARRIVING AT THE MINI-CLINIC. New pilots MUST have either watched all videos (preferred) or have thoroughly studied the slides, including the Notes, for those videos. Returning pilots must have at least reviewed the slides. If you didn’t do this PRIOR TO ARRIVAL, you can’t participate.
  • Arrive by the briefing time Saturday morning and depart no sooner than the end of scheduled flying Sunday
  • Have and maintain a “team player” approach to the training, start to finish

ANY exceptions to the above MUST be pre-approved by the mini-clinic host in coordination with the Director of Air Operations

We welcome pilots interested in “checking things out” to join us at any mini-clinic as an observer. Registration for the Mass Arrival is not required but participation will be limited to right-seat observation only, unless, at the discretion of the mini-clinic host, sufficient resources are available to offer training AND the pilot has reviewed the online training described above prior to flying.

Below is a list of available mini-clinics, with links to additional information about each. If you have question about a particular Mini-Clinic, please use the form at the bottom of this page to contact the appropriate Mini-Clinic Host. A link to register for Mini-Clinics is below the clinic list. You may attend more than one if you would like.


Date Airport City/State
T.B.D. KAIK Aiken, SC
Mar 11-13 (Backup 18-20)  60J Ocean Isle Beach, NC
T.B.D. KOSA Mt. Pleasant, TX
T.B.D. KSCK  Stockton, CA
T.B.D. KTZR  Columbus, OH
T.B.D. KJEF  Jefferson City, MO
T.B.D. KXNX  Gallatin, TN
T.B.D. KFKA  Preston, MN
June 24-26  KGDW  Gladwin, MI


Cherokees to Oshkosh Mini-Clinics for 2021

CtO Mini-Clinic LocationsClick on a Mini-Clinic for Details

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Questions about Mini-Clinics?
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