I contacted Cherokees to Oshkosh in late 2009 to inquire about their formation mass arrival into AirVenture, which was planned to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Piper Cherokee. Little did I realize the profound effect it would have on my future abilities as a pilot/aviator. I was a green, 150 hour pilot who wanted to attend Oshkosh, but felt the Fisk arrival would be beyond my abilities. My hands and legs would tremble at the thought of being anywhere on the same runway as another plane, much less flying close to another aircraft. However, thanks to the training provided by the C2O Team over the past few years, I was able to complete my first on the wing takeoff and landing. I have come a long way in a very short time. Once again, I cannot express enough my sincere thanks to all who have made this experience possible and the new friendships this opportunity has afforded me.

Wayne Michelli
Flying the "Archetype Archer"


Cherokee's to Oshkosh is just what the doctor orders.
After months of Wisconsin weather being in the single digits or below it takes special prescription to warm back up.
The Cherokee's 2 Oshkosh group fits that bill. You will never find a warmer, kinder, or friendlier group of people anywhere.
Just what the Doctor ordered.

Peter Andersen, Manager Waupaca Airport


What first began in 2010 as a birthday party for the Piper Cherokee, has evolved into a experience without equal for Karen and me. It transcends the aviation component which was the impetus for Cherokees to Oshkosh, and now includes a group of people I remain in contact with throughout the year. The warmth and inclusiveness this group reflects has no equals. I can not imagine flying into Oshkosh any other way than with this dedicated and committed family of aviators!

Terry & Karen Hocking, Nashwauk, MN


A friendlier and more welcoming group of folks would be hard to find. Allowing a funny looking Cherokee to join the group was an honor I never expected. They are nothing if not cordial, friendly, open, caring and FUN!

Art Gentry, Cessna Driver


I joined Cherokees to Oshkosh on the 50th Anniversary of the Cherokee model 3 years ago because it sounded like a lot of fun, promised to take my flying skills to another level, and would enable me to camp with like-minded folks. What I now understand is I joined so much more. I joined a FAMILY!! The friendship, support, love, and fellowship all of us enjoy by being part of such a dedicated, focused, fun group rivals everything I have ever experienced. Each day the sun comes up over the North 40, I am reminded about how blessed I am to enjoy the privilege and challenge of flight, among dear friends, people I consider my family, and, the best of all, with my dad.

Chip Gentry, Jefferson City, MO


As a new Cherokee owner (less than two years) and having never flown into OSH I contacted a member of Cherokees 2 Oshkosh (C2O) about flying in or at least camping with them and other aircraft like mine. My call was meet with a very energetic person who gave me some info and took down my contact information and within hours I had several people including the director of flight Ops call me and set up a time and place to get the schooling and flight experience needed to fly the arrival. My participation has now become as much about the time spent with my extended family (C2O) as it is about Oshkosh.

David and Gail "Sweetie" Dunn of Carrollton, Ohio and Palmyra, WI.


I joined up for the experience and opportunity to practice a little formation flight. But the only thing that flying with this group did is start an addiction. Now, whenever a presidential TFR is issued for my area, I get an urge to get some impromptu time with an F-16. What a great group.

Dennis Frett


I had never flown in formation and the C2O group made my dream come true! The training and support I received made it seem effortless. I haven't experienced a more professional group dedicated to safety and the pursuit of fun ever!

Michael Spurlock


This was a short but exciting and flight. Considering my previous 11 arrivals at OSH including 7 with B2Osh, this was the most satisfying. For the uninitiated, it is actually a very safe and simple way to arrive and provides the added benefit that you get to camp as a type group. Thanks for all of your organizing efforts. Looking forward to future arrivals.

Dick Filson