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Waupaca, WI  (KPCZ)

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Downloadable PDF File
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Video of 2011 Flight from KPCZ to KOSH

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Check out the link below for an abbreviated sample of lessons-learned at a Cherokees to Oshkosh Mini-Clinic.

Cherokees to Oshkosh Three-Minute Mini-Clinic Demo

On The Wing Landing Practice Flight

C2O Glossary of Formation Terms

Audio of Radio Traffic between OSH Tower and Cherokee Flight 2011

Things to Practice on Your Own

Slow Flight
Spot landings
Crosswind landings
Flying near max gross weight
Landing with a tailwind up to 10 knots
Instrument flying with a safety pilot
Fast taxi
Practice flying a few feet above the ground in “ground effect” over the runway.

All of these maneuvers require precise flying which is essential to formation flying.  Don’t push limits, but practice when opportunity allows. 

A go-around is a measure of good judgment!

C2O Training Is A Microcosm Based on 'The Formation Guide'

For Those Who Want to Learn WAY More Than C2O Training Offers, Check This Link


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