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Why are you doing this event?

We are doing this for no other reason than it is fun. The bonds created after flying in formation and camping together will truly stand the test of time.

Why do I have to be in Waupaca on Thursday night, July 20, 2017?  I'm only a couple hours away!
As pilots we prepare for the best, but are ready for the unexpected.  Should Waupaca (KPCZ) be fogged in on Friday morning, you would not be able to attend critical ground instruction and briefings. 
Participation in the Friday training session is MANDATORY
 Are there motels at Waupaca?
Yes, we are arranging for a block of rooms and more information will be forthcoming. Please indicate if you need a motel on the Pre-Registration form.  
Comfort Suites Foxfire -- 199 Foxfire Drive, Waupaca, WI  715-942-0500  $104 +  Tax -- Indicate you are with Cherokees to Oshkosh.

 I've never flown in formation!
With this being our eigth year, we have a lot of experience to draw upon that includes some very talented and accomplished formation pilots. As a result, the didactic component has become very efficient in preparing participants for the 2017 Mass Arrival.
What about Refunds?

Full refund of fees are available up until June 1, 2017. (No refunds on personalized hats/shirts)

How do I get one of the open slots?

Submit an online registration to reserve a slot.  Slots are on a first come, first serve basis.  After that, your name will go on a waiting list.  You will then be notified if there are cancellations.

Where is the Celebration Dinner being held?

The awards and accolades will take place Friday July 21, 2017 at the Ale House following dinner.

What Should I Bring?

A list of MANDATORY items is listed HERE these are items YOU MUST HAVE IN YOUR POSSESSION in order to legally fly into OSH with the group.  A list of SUGGESTED items, particularly if you are camping at OSH can be found HERE along with a great write up of what to expect if you're a first timer to Airventure.  Remember that there are stores on the airfield as well as a Target within easy walking distance from one of the tram stops for food and supplies.  Take care that you do not overload your aircraft and push your gross weight and/or CG limits.

For those of you staying at the hotel during the training days from 7/19-21, it is suggested you pack a small bag with clothes and toiletries for those 2-3 days and have everything else separate so you can just leave it in the airplane until arrival at OSH.


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